Shield, J. Splinters and fragments: Skating on thin ice. Billy Perry Skitching a cab down Broadway in Manhattan 18" x 24" Original photo by Esteban Chachin Hitching a ride on a vehicle in California while riding a motorcycle, motorized bicycle, bicycle, roller skates, sled or toy vehicle is illegal, Barber said. Further, including peer reviewed, grey and popular sources in the search strategy has enabled a more consolidated understanding of skitching and particularly how it is discussed in the media following an incident when a skitcher was injured or died. Car surfing: An underreported mechanism of serious injury in children and adolescents. Haddon, W. Energy damage and the ten countermeasure strategies. “Skitching” describes the act of hitching a ride from a motorized vehicle whilst on a non-motorized recreational wheeled device (NMRWD) which includes skateboards, roller skates, inline skates or a bicycle. I'm also not much for authority, so if you can do it safely and are willing to accept any possible consequences, then go for it. Secondly, given the suggestion from the initial newspaper article view on skitching that engagement appears to be cyclical it was determined that broadening the search to see the results that a curious individual may find, if performing a similar search, was warranted and may offer insights regarding the activity and not just in relation to injuries and fatalities. Not skate, bike hitching or otherwise Ski/hitching (skitching) on a tube would be called tubing behind a car. A further obstacle to advancement in a consolidated understanding of skitching is the variety of terms used to denote engagement and as a result of limiting the search terms to only a couple it is likely that some material may have been missed. 34 Likes, 3 Comments - John Wellington (@dukewellz) on Instagram: “Skitching today behind a bike equipped with #geoorbital front tire. Available online: Devlin, R. Skating fad puts teens in danger daredevils “skitch” rides on bumpers of passing vehicles. Bicycle skitching is frequently practiced by bicycle messengers in urban areas, with drivers who are not willing participants. Available online: Waters, T. 2011 Skateboarding Fatalities. Meaning of skitching. The Scientific Basis of Injury Prevention and Control, Injury and Violence Prevention: Behavioral Science Theories, Methods and Applications, Messenger Boy Hitching a Ride on an Automobile, Help us to further improve by taking part in this short 5 minute survey, Influence of Cognitive Biases in Distorting Decision Making and Leading to Critical Unfavorable Incidents, An Exploration into Younger and Older Pedestrians’ Risky Behaviours at Train Level Crossings,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, internal injuries after losing balance and being partially run over (, 6-as likely following speed restrictions (typically reasonable acceleration ≥ 40 km/h), Attempts to dislodge skitcher–going faster and/or swerving, 7-Erratic driving behavior likely to result in a fall, Attempts to dislodge skitcher–purposefully stopping or slowing down, 1-Skitcher will quickly detach from a slow or uncooperative vehicle, 4-Likely to have concentration strongly diverted so dangerous for driver, other road users and skitcher, 5-Assuming skitcher has good visibility of road, traffic and drivers behaviour, 3-Likely following speed restrictions but with concentration diverted, Driving for the sole purpose of being the host to the skitcher. Very well written. Hubbard, M. Human control of the skateboard. Available online: Johnson, S.B. Skitching is the act of hitching a ride on a vehicle while riding/using a non-motorized wheeled device (e.g., skateboard or bicycle). New York State Consolidated Laws-Vehicle & Traffic: Article 34. Ben-Zur, H.; Zeidner, M. Threat to life and risk-taking behaviors: A review of empirical findings and explanatory models. Meet the skitchers’ hall of fame: Stumpy, lefty, billy one-eye. Skitching is not a new activity, yet despite this it is currently not well described in the academic literature. I guess maybe not if its a high speed or mountain biking situation. 11 years ago Skitching shouldn’t be illegal. Skitching can be extremely dangerous and by no circumstance should anybody ever do it period. Please note that many of the page functionalities won't work as expected without javascript enabled. After the 16-year-old fell off his bike, Klemm took him home. It's also not bad when you're a decent rider and skateboarders choose to skitch on you (big boxes attract many hands) because they chat a bit. Be sure to include: ; Saunders, L.D. An integrative review is an approach which attempts to summarize past literature to gain a more comprehensive understanding of a topic and, of all of the review methods, allows the inclusion of diverse methodology and levels of evidence [, The search identified a large number of results (, Articles were selected for review if they included the common terminology (skitch*, bumper*, bizzing, hopping cars) in the title, abstract or Google summary; or mentioned a NMRWD (skateboard, roller skates, in-line skates/rollerblades or bicycle); or discussed injuries or fatalities sustained whilst undertaking an activity involving a motor vehicle. Keene, N. Dark and perilous side of teen spirit-kids behaving badly. ; Magaña, D.; Peek-Asa, C.; Kraus, J.F. However, I disagree with your instructions on skitching from a stop. I wouldn't grip me while I'm driving. Haddon, W., Jr. Advances in the epidemiology of injuries as a basis for public policy. This is a great place to post and find group rides, questions about NYC cycling and bike … This bike will clear 27.5 x 2.0″ tyres, it has 3x bidon mounts on the frame and provision for front and rear racks along with fenders. on Introduction. Share it with us! That said, they don't get a free ride if they don't have at least a helmet on. A number of prevention strategies are proposed including targeting young males and young drivers, provision of/retrofitting skate parks, educating young drivers and improving helmet use. Featured image Yoan Taillandier skitching by Romain Cailleaud. Arch- two man skitching side by side with their feet touching each other forming an arch. That's why I prefer riding bikes to driving. Roller blades and Skateboards surely wouldn't be able to ski/hitch (skitch) either. Skitchers could end up dead: Police. I wouldn't mind a 'Stickshift Newbie' sticker for the car, though... Had one guy nearly end himself up in the trees when I lurched 3 times off a stop light (rough shifting and bad start uphill. Adolescent development and risk of injury: Using developmental science to improve interventions. Just remember, a nervous or less-experienced driver may not have any idea what to do when faced with a situation on the road... while worrying about the cyclist clamped on to her/his fender. Specific to skitching- if driver aware of skitcher’s presence to be conscious of their visibility and slow immediately if no longer visible, Suitable amount of space between motorized vehicles and between lanes and side walks. There are even some countries that rely solely on bicycles to commute back and forth to work, stores, and just to simply get around. Skitching. Understanding the motivation for skitching has assisted in outlining potential injury prevention strategies with four interrelated motivations preliminarily identified: amusement, opportunity, thrill-seeking and transport [, The availability and large number of views (47,500) for instructions about how to skitch (skateboard or bicycle), highlight the interest in skitching [, The instructions suggest there are three critical junctions which influence the resulting skitch: when the skitcher attaches to the motor vehicle, when the motor vehicle increases its speed or changes trajectory and when the skitcher detaches which can include intentional and unintentional/uncontrolled detachment [, There are multiple places on modern cars and trucks where a handhold can be grabbed, thus enabling the skitching process, these include wheel wells, roof racks, spare tire racks, tail lights, door handles and towbars [, The skitcher is travelling at the same velocity as the vehicle so even at low speeds (20 mph) injuries or death can and have occurred (, Regardless of vehicle type, the driver has a very different perception of speed compared to the skitcher, assuming they know they are there, thus even a marginal increase in acceleration or trajectory has the potential to unseat the skitcher if they aren’t prepared for these changes [, The main risk factors for skitchers, are similar to those identified for skaters generally, and include speed, obstacles, surface type, ability to have sufficient control of the device and the potential to be run over by a motor vehicle [, Skitching represents a challenge for injury prevention professionals, akin to similar behavior such as “scutting”, a term used in Dublin to describe the act of riding on the back of a moving vehicle, or “car surfing” which is when a person stands or rides on top of a motor vehicle whilst it is moving [, Skitching is prohibited in Australia and some American states [, Skateboards are not the only recreational device used to skitch; however, the majority of the serious injuries and fatalities identified in this review are related to skateboards and as such are identified as a key target group (, The provision of skate parks offers many benefits for skaters, parents and the community as it provides an outlet in which skating can be undertaken in a safe location (, There was limited discussion in the literature regarding the use engineering controls with the exception of reducing the number of holds on vehicles or improving the stability of skateboard [.