['Haikyuu!!' In an alternate universe, these Haikyuu!! No, that’s rude… “T-thank you for having me over,” Hirugami blurted out, bowing suddenly. Opposite Hitter Captain Number hirugami fukuro < > Most popular. (122) ハイパープロジェクション演劇「ハイキュー! Filter by post type. not me adding another haikyuu hottie to my list of main haikyuu boys i simp for furudate ur making it hard for me!! He would feel guilty over every mistake he made and pra… Position Hirugami possesses a very calm and composed demeanor. Watch relationships blossom, relationships of love and hate. Debut Information Age Follow. #BTW this is from an official video #all i did was gif it ;v #this makes me emotional every time #kageyama tobio #hinata shouyou #ushijima wakatoshi #kourai hoshiumi #tatsuto sokolov #nicollas romero #oliver barnes #adriah thomas #bokuto koutarou #miya atsumu #sakusa kiyoomi #hirugami fukuro #heiwajima toshiro #meian shuugo #inunaki shion #schweiden adlers #msby black jackals #haikyuu… Some just Don't care. 12 Akane, Yamamoto’s sister from Nekoma, is sent on assignment to do some interviews for Kuroo...and here are some of the illustrations of her interviews Furudate has graced us with, below: The Karasuno Captains...and Sugawara and Tanaka Some want to better the world while some want to see it burn. Her mom originally suggested 運子 (うんこ) (Japanese: Unko, 運子 (うんこ) ) but quickly backtracked after she realized that it has the same pronouciation as "poop." Kanji His sister? Shōko Hirugami is the sister of Sachirō and Fukurō Hirugami. His mom? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. With amazing characters and with no unnecessary side plots, Haikyuu is a must watch masterpiece for any anime fan. Ask. Grid View List View. Should I ask? She is currently 25 years old and plays the position of opposite hitter for the Hikari Pharmaceutical Red Rabbits, making her teammates with Kanoka Amanai. How do I address her? Fukurō Hirugami (Older Brother)Sachirō Hirugami (Younger Brother)Unnamed Parents “First, your disguise sucks, Kourai-kun. Haikyuu is one of the best sports anime of all time and has set the benchmark very high for any future sports series. Sometime after his second year of high school, Hoshiumi cut his hair and reverted back to the hairstyle he had when he was young. Just like her brothers, she played volleyball at Kamomedai High School. The beauty of Haikyuu lies in its brilliant and realistic depiction of Volleyball, staying true to its genre. Family His younger sister, Shokō, is an opposite hitter for the Light Pharmaceutical Red Rabbits. Photo. You're an incredibly talented setter, and you've become invaluable to the team. Hirugami’s eyebrows were knitted together in confusion as Hoshiumi’s relative inspected him. All posts. Light Pharmaceutical Red Rabbits Home country Teams Read Puppy Love ~ Hirugami x Female Reader ~ from the story ~ Haikyuu!! Hirugami's first name "Fukuro" is a homonym of the Japanese word for owl. He has bird-like facial features. Gender You can use it to filter works and to filter bookmarks. Unfollow. I do Not own the characters of Haikyuu! hirugami haikyuu sister, You're the setter for Nekoma's girl volleyball team and the twin sister of Kenma. Professional Volleyball Player Video. Most popular Most recent. He is also highly observant and calculating, as shown when he purposely targets Asahi with a difficult serve knowing that the latter is already under heavy pressure to perform well. Follow Karasuno, as they embark on their further journeys with her, as she herself experiences new friends, love, and the bonds they will share as a team. She is currently an opposite hitter for a Division 1 team in Japan's V.League, Hikari Pharmaceutical Red Rabbits, making her teammates with Kanoka Amanai. Haikyuu!! The Final Boss (Volume) Her parents originally wanted to name their children with name combinations revolving around "happiness" and "fortunate." The "Sokol" in "Sokolov" means falcon in various Slavic languages. It is also known that she has a boyfriend, who is the cause of her brother Sachirō's current concern ("His sister's boyfriend is annoying when he's being lovey-dovey"). Hoshiumi-san is a very hard worker! anyway, hirugami is such a pretty boy梁.i’m so upset, we need to talk ab his cute ass more. Shōko Hirugami As a child, he had shorter hair and wore it down. She is currently 25 years old and plays the position of opposite hitter for the Hikari Pharmaceutical Red Rabbits, making her teammates with Kanoka Amanai. “One thing at a time,” Hirugami said, with a light smile. Text. Shōko Hirugami (Japanese: 昼神 (ひるがみ) 招子 (しょうこ) , Hirugami Shōko) is the sister of Sachirō and Fukurō Hirugami. 25 (2018) “M-my name is Hirugami Sachirou, and it is an honor to meet my teammate’s family. I think they’re stupid too, but my older sister insisted I try them and you know how pushy she is. Young Hirugami Siblings. 昼神招子 starricandi-doodles . Chat. Second, these don’t have lenses in them, they compliment the outfit. Tags with the same meaning: #Daisuga - Fandom; #haikyuu; #haikyuu!! Haikyū!! Female Occupation Image gallery. Shōko was born into a family of accomplished volleyball players. Link. Japan Third, I was running late from a … Hoshiumi is quite short in height but has a relatively strong build. Parent tags (more general): Anime & Manga; Haikyuu!! Rōmaji Why, it's none other than Hinata's older sister, who just returned after graduating high school in America. Quote. https://haikyuu.fandom.com/wiki/Shōko_Hirugami?oldid=105355. Haikyuu!! Shōko Hirugami It's a common tag. In the Manga haikyuu!! His younger brother is Sachirō Hirugami who was on the Kamomedai High volleyball team and is currently a veterinary student. x reader one-shots. His large, wide eyes resemble that of a seagull while his spiky, rough, light-colored hair appears similar to the plumage of a bird. Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. 17.9K 374 203 A collection of one-shots that consists of mostly underrated characters, but with a few of the more popular guys as well. nah i’m playn he’s just an honorable mention !」| Hyper Projection Play "Haikyuu!!" RPF (2) Heathers (1988) (1) Dangan Ronpa - All Media Types (1) Include Characters Hirugami Sachirou (122) Hoshiumi Kourai (106) Hinata Shouyou (32) Miya Atsumu (31) Kageyama Tobio (29) Kuroo Tetsurou (24) Akaashi Keiji (23) While Schweiden Adlers is the reigning champion of the V.League Division 1, its real-life counterpart is one of the weaker Division 1 … Audio. Background Information The first characters in he and his brother's name combine to make "幸 … It is revealed that he used to a perfectionist who strives to be the ideal player. [1]. Shōko Hirugami is the sister of Sachirō and Fukurō Hirugami. Works; Bookmarks; This tag belongs to the Fandom Category. characters are the sons of Gods, ranging from Apollo to Eleos. The one thing they all know how to do well is cause Havoc. Notes:!DISCLAIMER! haikyuu!! Acceleration due to gravity lab middle school, Shortcut key for date and time together in excel. Character Info He's not easily distracted or fazed in matches, thus allowing him to take in and process all information on the court like a machine. Status The two of you are extremely close, to the point where people think you have the ability to speak telepathically. #ushiten (Mainly Haikyuu!!)