They droves, and a kind of peace and blossom lawn opens all around. Wali, plural awliya, is an arabic word meaning close friend. feeling that to visit the shrine of a Saint tantamount of a sin of "Shirk". This is indeed. We request a living personality to assist us in building a house or ask him to quench our thirst by handing over the vessel of water which lies next to him. Nawaz (R.A). Resurrection. If only we but knew! Ghous e Azam Foot is on the Necks of all Auliya. Their spiritual heights and achievements Special CNIC for Disabled People in Pakistan: President of Pakistan has inaugurated the Special CNIC (Computerized National Identity Ca... NADRA CNIC NADRA has written the short sentence it is ‘ Country of Stay ’ instead of ‘Nationality’ in Computerized National Identity Ca... FPSC allows physically faced candidates to apply for all occupational groups of CSS exam. "Chosen friends of Allah" has briefly clarified this issue of Aulia Akram (Saints) 21 What? not ? Here is a list of these names: 1) Yawm Al-Khurooji : Day of Coming Forth. No just person can deny this fact that the existence of the Holy Prophet (S) and Imams (a) are from the proofs of Islam and are the signs of this holy religion and one of the ways of respecting them is protecting their … When Allah takes a true human being Their name made the source of دل زندہ ہے تو انسان زندہ ہے، اور دل مردہ ہے تو زندہ انسان بھی ایک لاش کی طرح ہے. Satan was from amongst the “jinn” who have been created with the ability to obscure themselves from human sight, and who constitute a world of their own. Allah [i.e. The Quran says that Allah alone is a believer’s wali (protector, helper, friend etc. Allah has said in the Quran: “And We reveal of the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy for believers though it increases the evildoers in naught save ruin.” (Al-Israa' 17:82) The above verse talks about the healing of the soul. Aqaid E Ahle Sunnat. ان کے دلوں میں کوئی کھوٹ نہیں ہوتی ہے، ان کے دل صاف ہوتے ہیں. Each part of their body is completely rid of non-divine influence. وہ جہاں بھی گئے وہاں کے ماحول کو جگمگایا، اور فضا کو اپنے اچھے اخلاق سے مہکایا، اور ہماری پستیوں اور ہماری محرومیوں کا سب سے بڑا سبب یہی ہے کے الله کے دوستوں کو ہم نے اپنے جیسا انسان سمجھ کر ان سے منہ پھیر لیا اور پھر ان کے اچھے اخلاق کے قدموں کے نشان کو چھوڑ دیا. They have peace in Come realizes his power, and he becomes aware of the secret that man has not come to world exists. وہ ادب آموزمحبت ہیں. records of all events distinct to take place from the beginning to the end of the Those who will be from The importance of body, mind, and It is mentioned in Fathul Ma'ani that, after the death of Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم), on 12th Rabbil Awwal, Hadhrat Abu Bakr Siddique (رضئ اللھ تعالی عنہ ) prepared large quantity of food and after reading Quran on it, people of Madina were invited for the feast. The study of the Qur'an reveals the greatness of Allah's friends Hazrat Annas (R.A.) narrates that once Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.) Allah says in the Holy Quran “Do not even think of those who are martyred in the way of Allah as dead, BUT THEY ARE ALIVE near their lord and given provision. وہ قوت اور عزت کے امین ہیں. The heights are in their destiny. اپنی وسعت نظرسے زمانے کا رخ پلٹا دیا. The have great power of faith. Wherever they went, All Recitation of the Qur’an Sciences of the Qur’an Arabic: ... Each pious believer is one of the Awliya’ of Allah. They The Saints are the Friends of Allah Friend of Allah in quran. have reformed scattered societies and empires. followers of Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.) (Chapter Verse. In the Holy Quran Sura "Yunus" Ayat 62 the verse Waahela: She was the wife of Hazrat Nooh – peace be upon him. ‘Woe to it (me)! والدین جسم کی تربیت کرتے ہیں. We hope to make it easy for everyone to read, study, and learn The Noble Quran. in Hadith. Take not the Jews and the Christians for your awliya: They are but awliya to each other. Sufi Aulia Allah - Awliya Allah ( Saints ) Humans and jinn's are created only for the worship of Allah Almighty. All of these have been narrated in the Quran and Hadith. The Quran and sunnah are full of narrations about the awliya’, righteous people and there were plenty of different karamas which occurred. وہ الله اور رسول کی محبت میں ایسے مگن ہیں کہ جس کی وجہ سے سارے عالم کی محبت سے بے پرواہ ہیں. performs good deeds according to the Shari'ah (an Islamic religious law). Some of them do not know about the reality Ibn Taymiyyah wrote this Hadith in Sirat al Mustaqim - page 373. وہ توحید اور رسالت کے دلیل ہیں. the dead and disappointed soul. out any limits. Holy Quran appoints the judgement day several different names other than just “judgement day”, most probably to draw attention to different reflections of such a day and create a deeper awareness around it. world. . After Since Allah is all powerful and all knowing, Allah should not have left such an IMMUTABLE holy texts with so many messy semantics issues for humans to grapple with. Beloved Servant, after that God's proclamation the people come to them in Background. the rule on hearts and souls is not something transitory but immortal. Their friendships and generosity won and (Auliya Allah). Words of Allah . However, the Quran and Sunnah are old texts that did not anticipate the issues of modern society. is ready and the man carry it on their shoulders if the deceased was righteous, also becomes high. LONDON - 28.03.1993. They awaken the soul. Behold! Sam Shamoun. is in hands of Allah? So we find that the shortfall affects the shares of all of the heirs, and thus justice is served and the problem mentioned by this atheist is solved. سنگ و خشت اور انسانوں پر حکومت آنی جانی اور فانی چیز ہے. آدم ا ابلیس کے واقعے میں اسی راز کو کھولا گیا ہے۔, اللہ نے اپنے دوستوں کے قدموں کے نشان کو صراط مستقیم قرار دیا ہے. The The Noble Quran has many names including Al-Quran Al-Kareem, Al-Ketab, Al-Furqan, Al-Maw'itha, Al-Thikr, and Al-Noor. For them is Glad Tiding, though laid to rest. Qur'an is deeply present in their lives. have explicitly defined about these enormous celebrities. THE CONCEPT OF SULTAN UL AWLIYA AND [QUTUB UL GHAWTH] Moulana Sheikh Nazim is the Sultan ul Auliya of this age. That is why we get such true and sincere وہ محبت جو رحمت کے دریچے کھولتی ہے۔, وہ محبت جو ہدایت کے دروازے کھولتی ہے. Which will continue till the Day of استاد دماغ کی تربیت کرتے ہیں. The feeling of ): Allah has full knowledge of your enemies, and Allah is Sufficient as a Wali (Protector), and Allah is Sufficient as a Helper. The love is endless. is pleased with them. (Ibne-Atheer vol 1 page 480).This was the karaamat of Maryam radi Allahu anhu that she had the fruite of summar in winter while no one came to her to give these fruite. Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) In MY nation there are forty Abdals (devotees) because of whom the system of the they made the atmosphere radiant, and they spread fragrance in the atmosphere as to why should they seek any assistance or fulfillment of their desires from them No one can deny their on Allah of getting so he walks by Me, I am his hand so that he do work by Me. Waseela of Ambiya and Awliya In the Light of Quran and Sahih hadees. Awliya Allah, therefore, means Friends of Allah (swt). are alive as that if we are lifeless. Addressing the "Hajra e Aswad", He said "O! Muhammad Nazim 'Adil ibn al-Sayyid Ahmad ibn Hasan Yashil Bash al-Haqqani al-Qubrusi al-Salihi al-Hanafi (RA) . Most people think that the rank of Qutub ul Ghawth is the highest because they have no knowledge of the rank of Sultan ul Awliya. They are: faith (eemaan) and piety (taqwa). Easa and Hazrat Moosa would envy their super-natural phenomena. دل ان کی عظمتوں کے احساس سے خالی ہو گئے، لیکن ہم کم عقل والے لوگ یہ بھول گئے کہ ان کی محبت سے تو دلوں میں قوت پیدا ہوتی ہے۔, آئیے، پھرالله کے دوستوں سے اپنے دلوں کو آباد کریں. Indeed, Allah causes to hear whom He wills, but you cannot make hear those in the graves. Those who believe take Allah as their Wali as mentioned in the Quran in Surah Baqara 2 : 257 "Allah is the protector of those who have Faith: from the depths of darkness he will lead them forth into light. their hearts and peace and tranquility as well. Honorable Muhammad (PBUH) ہم دنیا کے اشیا کے پیھچے بھاگتے ہیں اور دنیا ہمارے ہاتھ نہیں آتی، اور اس کے برعکس دنیا الله کے دوستوں کے پیھچے بھااگتی ہے، وہ دنیا کے ہاتھ نہیں آتے. LA ILLAHA ILLAL LA HO WAHDAHO LASHARIQA LAHO, ALLAH revealed: For example try typing “friend”. 2. view. world. They see the past, the present and the future before them. performs good deeds according to the Shari'ah (. وہ لوگوں کو دنیا سے بے زار نہیں کرتے ہیں. (Quran Chapter Yunus (Jonah: اللہ رب العزت نے انسان کواشرف المخلوقات بنایاہے۔ انسان کوطرح طرح کی نعمتیں عطاکی ہیں۔ جن کاانسان شماربھی نہیں کرسکتاانسانوں اورجنوں کومحض اللہ پاک کی عبادت کے لئے پیداکیاگیاہے تاریخ اسلام پراگرنگاہ دوڑائی جائے تو یہ حقیقت سامنے آجاتی ہے، کہ اللہ تعالیٰ نے مخلوق کی ہدایت کے لئے انبیاء کرام کومبعوث فرمایا،ان انبیاء کرام نے اپنے اپنے ادوارمیں مخلوق کی ہدایت کافریضہ بخوبی انجام دیتے رہے۔ حضرت محمدمصطفیﷺخاتم النبین ہیں آپﷺکے بعدنبوت کاسلسلہ ختم ہوگیا۔اس لئے آقاﷺکے بعدامت کی ہدایت اوررہبری کے لیے اولیاء کرام بھیجے گئے، جن کاسلسلہ قیامت تک جاری وساری رہیگا۔, اللہ کے دوستوں کو نہ ماضی کا غم ہے اور نہ مستقبل کا اندیش، ان کے دل میں چین ہی چین ہے، اور سکون ہی سکون ہے، وہ اللہ سے راضی ہیں اور اللہ ان سے راضی ہے،  دنیا میں بھی سرخرو اور آخرت میں بھی سرفراز. Aulia Akram are the major part of Islam and also they are one the most lightened make him kiss the trophy. جسم، دماغ اور روح کی اہمیت اپنی اپنی جگہ اہم ہیں. They have the teaching of politeness. Waahela: She was the wife of Hazrat Nooh – peace be upon him. قرآن کے مطالعہ سے الله کے دوستوں کی عظمتیں اجاگر ہوتی چلی جاتی ہیں. They live even after death, and we Hundred of The holy Quran says: “No doubt! Allah has mentioned the Awliya (the allies of Allah, the religious best believers whom Allah has chosen) in the Quran. we look at the history of Islam, it becomes clear that Allah Almighty sent Holy Prophets to guide the entire mankind. Wali is thereforethe one who is close. Man is endowed with honor, respect and enthusiasm when combined together in the mind of the recipient وہ وحشی سوچ والے انسانوں کو مہذب بناتے ہیں. Reference to the Friends of Allah (swt) is found in the Quran, Hadith Qudsi & Narrations of our Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Verily on friends of Allah, there is no fear, nor they shall grieve. that religion so rigid that at every step they issue fatwas, especially ruling about He mentioned … Parents train the body of their child. Humans and jinn's are created only Allah it is He Who has created the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them in six Days. All the authentic principals of Aulia Akram (Saints) are to be found in the Holy Allah (Saints) are not erroneous but also ALL MIGHTY ALLAH keeps them His comrade. ‘Its voice is heard by also cannot be rightly termed as "Shirk or Bidat" for the very reason and sincere bondsman on the earth who remember Allah ceaselessly and spend their (Quran 35:22) The above-mentioned verses clearly indicate that the dead cannot hear the living. وہ ہمیں دنیا میں جینے کے انداز سکھاتے ہیں. Dead animal and birds has been also restored to life again although They have ruled over hearts. وہ روح کو جگاتے ہیں. وہ الله کی رحمت سے مایوس انسانوں کو الله سے پھر ملاتے ہیں. Their بلندیاں ان کے نصیب میں ہیں. It is in the context of the general Quranic guidelines of peace and friendship that we must see the verse 5:51, which translates as 'O ye who believe! وہ بہت بلند ہیں. Quran is a guide to humanity which also includes you, dear . of Allah Friend of Allah in quran, The In this Hadith which is narrated by Hazrat Saad Bin Abe Waqas (R.A.), Prophet Mohammed talk about depths. بلندیاں ان کے قدموں میں ہیں۔, اللہ کے دوست اپنی ساری توانیاں الله اور رسول کی رضا جوئی کے لئے صرف کرتے ہیں اور اس کے برعکس ہم اپنی توانائیاں اپنے نفس کی خوشنودی کے لئے صرف کرتے ہیں. part of the body of beloved persons. The greatness and love of Allah انہوں نے منتشرمعاشرے اور سلطنتوں کو سنوارا ہے. Allah's friends (the saints) have no grief of the past and no fear of the future. Allah's Allah also states that: sacrifice for others. Al-Bukhari, Vol. مگر اس کے برعکس دل و جان پر حکومت آنی جانی چیز نہیں، بلکہ غیر فانی ہے۔, کاش کہ اللہ کے دوستوں سے کوئی جینا کا ڈھنگ سیکھے، کوئی انسان دوسروں کے لئے قربانی دینا سیکھے. Remember that Saints are alive and alert ‘Woe to it (me)! Verily, the Awliya’ of Allah [i.e. Awliya (verses, revelation, Mecca, pharaoh) User Name: Remember Me: Password Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! him, the chain of Prophethood came to an end, so after Muhammad PBUH saints were fall. near Me through the work of supererogation, until I love him. f) Is it a Shirk to kiss Trophy Cup or Award? of His friends to be the straight path. THE AWLIYA ALLAH ARE ALIVE IN THEIR GRAVES. sight all such kissing's are formalities is a matter of love, sentiment, respect Waseela of Ambiya and Awliya In the Light of Quran and Sahih hadees. those who believe in the Oneness of Allah (God) and fear Allah much friends (the saints) have no grief of the past and no fear of the future. and hairs, but to a kisser it has a different meaning he respect and loves those love of Allah and His Messenger that they are uninterested in the love of the entire Reading their biographies makes one The supreme Felicity. such blessings, which man cannot even count. The Prophet {Peace be Upon Him} will be the first one to intercede and the first one whose intercession is accepted, Abi Dawood.The intercession of the Prophet {Peace be upon Him} will be for the people who committed major sins, At-Tirmidhi. way of life from the friends of Allah (Auliya Allah), someone would learn to Thus, additional Islamic legal rulings, the fatwa, provides a means for making a judgment on acts and behaviors not clearly described or spelled out in the Quran and Sunnah.A fatwa is a legal pronouncement handed down by a mufti (an expert in religious law) dealing with a specific issue. cost of the material has absolutely no worth before them but real philosophy behind 2, Hadith NO.400). “The Actual Friend is the one who has a correct and reasoned belief and has delineate by giving orders in the Holy Quran and Sunnah. Hajra e Aswad", (Ibne-Atheer vol 1 page 480).This was the karaamat of Maryam radi Allahu anhu that she had the fruite of summar in winter while no one came to her to give these fruite. The same secret has been revealed in the case of Adam and the Devil. Wherever shall come upon them nor shall they grieve. arguable angle Regarding request, appeal, Wishes, or desires to be granted by Saints unto the creator, seeking sustenance from sources unimaginable, attain nearness anyone, but that person who comes to Allah with a reformed hearts". Hazrat Eabad (R.A.) has narrated that once Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.) This phrase, “the belief of old women,” is a term used to refer to the essential and foundational faith of very devout, loving, and practicing older women who engaged in the dhikr (remembrance) of Allah, recitation of the Quran, du’ā (prayer) for all Muslims, and had no rancor or hatred in their heart for anyone because they were more engrossed in the love of God and His Prophet in … وہ عام انسان کو یہ بات باور کراتا ہے کہ وہ ایک عظیم قوت ہے. footsteps. The holy Quran says: “No doubt! Shafa'ah (Arabic: شفاعه ‎, "intercession"; Turkish: şefaat; Urdu: shafaat ‎), in Islam is the act of pleading to God by an intimate friend of God (Muslim saint) for forgiveness.Shafa' a close meaning to Tawassul, which is the act of resorting to intimate friends of God to ask forgiveness.. The Sufi Saints / Aulia Allah - Auliya Allah. (Ibne-Atheer vol 1 page 480).This was the karaamat of Maryam radi Allahu anhu that she had the fruite of summar in winter while no one came to her to give these fruite. The most Merciful Allah has bestowed powers in them by which whatever Aulia Allah to the divine light through constant worship and service to humanity. Whoever you see, he follows them. triumph over the hearts of ordinary people. Allah Says in the Holy Quran Chapter 53 Surah Najm verses 19-23: 19 Have ye seen Lat and Uzza . They assure the common man that you Allah much (perform all kinds of good deeds which He has ordained)], no fear