"We know all your secrets anyway!" Gemi has a "^" shape for a mouth, while Mini has an "v" for a mouth. He wears no shirt but has a flower-shaped collar that is red and trimmed with gold around his neck. Lucy Nicholson/Reuters Don’t be timid. Lucy usually freaks out at her guildmate's antics. ... Gemini admires candor and honesty, and a good exchange, even of contrary opinions, can be a firm foundation for a better acquaintance. Lucy cares greatly for her Spirits and will also go to great lengths to give them happiness, even at the cost of her life. Lucy Heartfilia (ルーシィ・ハートフィリア Rūshi Hātofiria) is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, wherein she is a member of Team Natsu. Your Tomorrow is their Yesterday. Upset, Lucy sends them back shortly afterward, exhausted because of what she's going through. Depending on the Mage they're contracted with, they undergo personality changes to reflect said Mage's personality. Being a Celestial Mage, Lucy always keeps her promises. People of this zodiac sign like music, books, magazines, chatting, short trips and dislike being alone, repetition and routine. ... Gemini admires candor and honesty, and a good exchange, even of contrary opinions, can be a firm foundation for a better acquaintance. Get in touch today to book in or to ask any other questions! It's fair to say Lucy could earn a "most-improved" award from the amount her magical abilities grow throughout the series. Here are the strongest moves she used over the years (and sorry—Lucy Kick didn't quite make the cut). Does your little one celebrate a birthday between May 21 and June 20? Since Lucy is fairly strong thanks to her time in Fairy Tail, Gemini has shown the ability to copy mages like Gray or Ichiya. As Gemini is about to deal the finishing blow, Lucy interferes by summoning Sagittarius. Previous Owner "Hmmm-" Loke puts a finger on his chin while thinking and a bright idea came to him and he smiles, "Lucy, why not you try ask Gemini?" "Thanks for the suggestion, Loke!" Status Lucy was born into the once extremely wealthy and powerful Heartfilia family. After several minutes, Gemini transformed into a copy of Lucy and gave her a hug. Everybody does that." [17] Later, after the defeat of the Eclipse Celestial Spirit King, the 12 Zodiac, including Gemini, are returned to their original forms. I can't do it. Gemini are two individual twins of a single Celestial Spirit. Gemini Corsets (conical rib on the left and round rib on the right), Model is Eva, who wears a size 18″. ... my Gemini girlfriend is the 15 of June and alls I can say is I've never loved anyone or wanted to be around someone as much as this beautiful individual. Juvia later falls in love with Gray and, because of a misunderstanding, begins to harbor a one-sided love rivalry with Lucy. Lucy is very kind to her Celestial Spirits, and refuses to utilize them as shields or think of them as such. They have small, black, beady eyes with white pupils. Gemini can also transform themselves into a near target without touching, but this restrains the appearance of the clone to the appearance that it had last time they have contact. Now, Lucy Hale joins the group with her brand-new tattoo. does Lucy from Fairy Tail ever get all 12 zodiac celestial spirts in the Manga? Gemini (ジェミニ Jemini), "The Twins" (双子宮 Sōshikyū), or Gemi and Mini are Celestial Spirits that are one of the 12 Golden Zodiac Keys. "What does Gemini have to do with him? Anime Debut Lucy forces Sagittarius's gate to close, only for Gemini to re-summon Sagittarius. ‎This article is currently under construction. They are both small creatures with blue colored bodies and two antennae. Lucy Hale’s first stint in music was for the reality show, ‘American Juniors’ in 2003. Eye Color [37], Gemini appears as a support character for Angel in the DS Game Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Scorpio. [34], Levitation: Gemi and Mini can both walk on the ground and float in the air. Debuts Natsu thinks of a quiz party game and Happy does a "Who is the real thing?" Gemini takes on the personality of their master, which changes for the better when they join Lucy. She has eventually inherited Natsu's stubbornness and refusal to give up, even when all the odds are against her favor. It’s thought speed. The actress is dating Joel Crouse, her starsign is Gemini and she is now 31 years of age. GrayLu (グレルー Gureruu) is a fanon pair between Fairy Tail Mages, Gray Fullbuster and Lucy Heartfilia. "Open, gate of the twins, Gemini!" Alias Lucy upgraded her copy before the Grand Magic Games (but she were in towel). PLZ help, don't tell me that they never fought. As for career, Gemini will get promotion in 2020; However, it is essential to get promotion without damaging the interests of colleagues. Gemini is one of the three zodiac signs grouped under the air element. She has blue eyes that seem to have no pupils. Lucy and Gemini The Twins then listen as the Celestial Spirit King, now back to normal, comments on the past events as if they were just a dark vague dream, but thanks the Mages nonetheless. Character If you ask them, they will tell you that all good things come to those who go and get them. Image Gallery. During the fight with Jacob, Lucy developed a new strategy. [6], Later, in Nirvana having arrived at the third Lacrima, Lucy reveals to Happy that she has no Magic Power left, but then she will not give up fighting until the very end. After several of the other Celestial Spirits wish, Gemini is next, whose request is a chance to transform into a copy of a towel-clad Lucy and run around. She loves us Spirits! Chapter 98 (cover page)Chapter 133 (actual appearance) - Lucy Hale "I don’t really believe in cliques – I think everyone can be friends with everyone." ... Leah sticks to her Gemini traits. Lucy Electric has launched a range of expansion modules for its highly successful Gemini 3 Mini remote terminal unit (RTU) range. The modules will allow flexible, plug and play expansion without the need to replace the unit. The beginning of this year will be only about love, but also about many beautiful moments. Gemini first appears after the guild alliance leaves the Blue Pegasus' base. Although, Lucy is, in most cases, cowardly and easily frightened, she has no problems with fighting and would happily stand up to danger, even if she ends up getting hurt, for her friends and guild. ルーシィ・ハートフィリア Rūshi Hātofiria Copy Yukino and gain her set of keys while Lucy still has her own set of keys. People of this zodiac sign like music, books, magazines, chatting, short trips and dislike being alone, repetition and routine. But the Aquarius key was reborn (along with Aquarius herself) - Lucy just has to find her. Everybody does that." Looks like Hale recently paid a visit to celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Ways To Get A Gemini's Attention. 10 Summoning Gemini Though it was the first big success of Hale’s lifetime, it did not last for long as the group disbanded in 2005 due to meagre sales. Well, there was something that me and a friend were talking over a couple of days ago. "When Gemini voiced your thoughts on Lucy, they said you were 'somewhat interested in her'. does Lucy from Fairy Tail ever get all 12 zodiac celestial spirts in the Manga? A dark blue tattoo resembling the Aquarius z… 6 VIRGO Aries, Scorpio and Gemini appear to Lucy in episode 69 and ask to be contracted to her. Lucy is such a proud Gem that she got the Gemini constellation tattooed on her right arm and posted a pic on Instagram afterward with the caption, “Gemini 4 evaaa.” - Lucy Hale So getting attention from Gemini is a little bit tricky because the enjoy getting attention as well. In episode 58 of fairy tail, aries remains as the oracion seis' member angel's spirit but in episode 81, lucy summons her. You, Gemini, have the ability to enlighten other people’s minds. In which episdoe of fairy tail does lucy makes contracts with aries, scorpio and gemini? However, she does admit that being around her guildmates is really fun. Ohhhh." Over and over, Lucy would look like she was about to start talking, and then shake her head as if to tell herself no. Ohhhh." Lucy is such a proud Gem that she got the Gemini constellation tattooed on her right arm and posted a pic on Instagram afterward with the caption, “Gemini 4 evaaa.” Lucy takes exceptional pride in her appearance and is very confident in her sex appeal, often exuding a certain amount of vanity. They both wore white belts. She didn't expect Gemini to take this long. The Gemini-Gemini couple is a bit like two (or four) kids without a chaperone. I have watched the anime, and have started to read some of the Manga only now I can't find the Manga around where I live anymore. The Fairy Tail cast has a lot of different kinds of characters, many of whom are a part of the Fairy Tail guild itself. Faint heart never won Aries, male or female. Unlike most of her friends, she does not get very excited about fighting and is not quick to resort to violence as the solution. Fairy Tail is a Shonen series beloved and revered for its female characters. The Twins [36], Immortality: As Celestial Spirits, Gemi and Mini cannot die, unless they are somehow forced to stay in the Human World. They both wear shorts, Mini wears orange shorts, and Gemi wears black ones. Lucy upgraded Gemi and Mini's copies (she hadn't Gray's copy during Avatar's assault). - Lucy Hale "But little white lies here and there is human nature. They even say so in that fight? - Lucy Hale "Surround yourself with the right people, and realize your own worth." Lucy is an amazing girl, and some smart guy is bound to snag her. [13], During Lucy's fight with Flare Corona, Lucy summons Gemini, and the twins appear without Lucy using their key, attacking Flare and cutting her hair at same time. She made her 1 million dollar fortune with Pretty Little Liars, American Juniors, Privileged. [18], Gemini is summoned in the fight against Jacob Lessio to copy Marin Hollow after the former releases the latter and Brandish μ from his Transport; Gemini uses Marin's Rules of the Area to dispel Jacob's Transport and free the captured guild members, but in the process, they negate all Spatial Magic, including Celestial Spirit Magic, and force themselves to return to the Celestial Spirit World. However, she always has a belt that, along with keeping her skirt up, holds her Celestial Spirit keys and a whip with a heart-shaped end. [38], Gemini appears as a non-playable summoning skill of Lucy in Fairy Tail (Video Game), where they become a copy of Lucy to assist her in performing the Urano Metria.[39]. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. One: Lucy will wonder about the meaning of that. Yukiyo Fujii (Gemi)Kanami Satō (Mini) The strengths of this sign are being gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, able to learn quickly, while … [16], Some time after this, due to the effect of the Eclipse Gate, Gemini transformed into their Eclipse Form. This group of friends and coworkers work together and use their magic to make money and protect each other from harm. But the use of this Magic is dependent on their owner's Magic Power based on both the size of the transformations and being the more targets there are, the more Magic Power their owner exhausts that will make the transformation process more difficult, that can render the targets to transform into a smaller type of transformation than they intended for them to be. This weeks student appreciation goes to Rebekah! On 14-6-1989 Lucy Hale (nickname: Luv) was born in Memphis, TN, USA. Prior to their proper introduction in Chapter 133, they had already appeared on the cover of the chapter release twice, Chapter 98 and Chapter 122. Counterpart(s) They chose her name when they noticed that the sign for the guild was missing the letter "K", and instead read 'Love & Lucy'; it made an impression on them, so they decided to name their daughter after it. Lucy has brown eyes and shoulder length blonde hair that is usually tied by ribbons in a variety of colors in a small ponytail to the right side of her head with the rest of the hair loos… Their copy magic is quite handy as it allows them to mimic others, along with that person's magic. Lucy and Gemini is a friendship between Fairy Tail Mage, Lucy Heartfilia and Celestial Spirit, Gemini. Fairy Tail Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Black During the celebration, Carla and Happy run into a mob of Nikora. Gemini 3 is the next generation of Lucy Electric’s highly successful Gemini remote terminal unit, which forms a key part of our cutting-edge range of automation solutions. They'll have a ton of fun, laugh a lot, but it may not deepen into a heartfelt bond. Lucy is usually taken aback by Gray’s stripping habit, but can also find it amusing at times. Geminis are among the brightest of the Zodiac, with some leaning toward genius. Lucy and Gemini are a celestial mage and a celestial spirit bond by a contract. [8] Afterwards, Angel is arrested, breaking her contracts with her spirits. Lucy is passionate for literature and is in the process of writing her own novel about her adventures with Fairy Tail although she does not like telling anyone about it. Fairy Tail-What chapter does Lucy get Aries, Scorpio, and Gemini? Lucy Nicholson/Reuters Don’t be timid. The anime Fairy Tail has Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia as co-leads, more or less, and it is through Lucy's perspective that viewers of this show get to know the many wizards of the Fairy Tail guild. "Natsu and Lucy's union will give birth to a child named Nashi." All celestial spirit respect Lucy as a friendful master. Active - Lucy Hale "But little white lies here and there is human nature. [14], Later, on the night of the seventh of July, Gemini is summoned by the combined efforts of Lucy and Yukino alongside the other Ecliptic Zodiac for the purpose of sealing the Eclipse Gate; the Gate having opened to let a flight of Dragons move into and attack Crocus. Summon the 12 zodiac or not. Least you can do is respect them!" 1. After a quite tiresome job, Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Erza were resting on a hotel at the town of Hosenka. They have small, black, beady eyes with white pupils. Lucy and Levyis a friendship between Fairy Tail Mages, Lucy Heartfilia and Levy McGarden. It's not just for appearance—Gemini can perform the same magic as the wizards they copy, an ability that grows in strength as Lucy gains more magical power. Personal Status When times are tough and people feel dark, sombre and overwhelmed by life’s changes, you have the wonderful ability of being able to humour them and make them feel as if it’s not all as bad as it appears to be.