Material posted before this date can be found by clicking on our SEARCH NEWS DATABASE function. For further information on construction phase plans, please contact Paul Littlewood by phone (01332 668877) or email ([email protected]). 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This Guidance Note gives practical information about creating a construction phase plan for non-notifiable* small scale low risk projects to comply with CDM 2015. CONSTRUCTION PHASE PLAN SITE NAME – Enter Details Here 1.0 THIS HEALTH & SAFETY PLAN This Construction Phase Plan has been developed from the Pre-construction Information provided by the client and enter details here and will be further developed as the Project progresses through the construction phase. It needs to undergo several processes and it also needs to consider a variety of quality standards and other measures to ensure that call-to-actions and strategies fit the requirements of the particular construction project. From 6th April 2015 a Construction Phase Plan (CPP) is required on ALL construction projects and must be drawn up during the pre-construction phase BEFORE setting up the construction site. 4. It is to assist you in co-ordinating the build of your exhibition stand. £2 +VAT. endstream endobj 366 0 obj <>stream Construction Phase Plan; Health & Safety File; Pre-Construction Information. %PDF-1.5 %���� The pre-construction information (PCI) provides information for those designing, bidding for, or planning work and for the development of the construction phase plan. Significant Design & Construction hazards a. endstream endobj startxref CDM REGULATIONS 2015 HEALTH AND SAFETY PLAN (CPP) Page 1 of 3 cpptemplateversion1.1 02/15 During the Pre-Construction Phase (before setting up a construction site) the Principal Contractor (PC) or Contractor on single contractor projects must draw up a Construction Phase Plan (CPP) CPP must set out the H&S arrangements and site rules taking account, where … The Pre Construction Information forms an essential part of complying with the Regulations. Much of the Pre Construction Information collated for the project may be considered for inclusion within the File. 410 0 obj <>stream From 6th April 2015 a Construction Phase Plan (CPP) is required on ALL construction projects and must be drawn up during the pre-construction phase BEFORE setting up the construction site. Dependant on the role under the CDM2015 there are specific responsibilities that require actions to be undertaken. The objective of this health and safety plan is to set out safe systems of working, to prevent insofar as it is reasonably practical for the duration of this contract, any accidental occurrence or … See CDM 2015 Survey Results for the findings of our CDM 2015 Five Minute Online Survey. 387 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<01C696A2D525174E86CE01A1F8A88FD5>]/Index[358 53]/Info 357 0 R/Length 133/Prev 204698/Root 359 0 R/Size 411/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Clients, designers and principal designers have on going responsibilities throughout the design phase (including when design work continues after the start of the construction phase) relating to the provision of information to designers, contractors (including principal contractors) and other project te Date 21st July 2015 Date 22nd July 2015 Construction Phase Plan Revision Sheet Revision Number Date of Issue Reason for Revision and Comments 0 21/07/15 First issue . The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM Regulations) are intended to ensure that health and safety issues are properly considered during a project’s development so that the risk of harm to those who have to build, use and maintain structures is reduced. -�EpbˣL��Y�A�~�cORC#�Y���R�!�1�ѹX�.���o������`�o���K������d��������_��>Ic��z����. The legislation does not specify the format for drawing up and communicating / sharing the CPP. Regulations 2015 ‘Managing Health & Safety in Construction (L153). 0 —(1) During the pre-construction phase, and before setting up a construction site, the principal contractor must draw up a construction phase plan, or make arrangements for a construction phase plan to be drawn up.

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